The fourth Bil'in conference of nonviolent resistance starts


Source : IMEMC

by Ghassan Bannoura

The fourth Bil’in conference of Nonviolent Resistance started on Wednesday with the participation of 150 people from different nationalities.

Bil’in, a small village near the central west Bank city of Ramallah, has been conducting weekly nonviolent demonstration against the Israeli wall since four years.

"150 persons from deferent parts of the world took part in the conference today; our objective is to support nonviolent popular resistance and expand it in Palestine", Eyad Burnat, head of the Popular Commitee Against the Wall, and an organizer of the conference, told the IMEMC.

Among those who participated in the conference were delegations from South Africa, the Catalan government, and Mairead Maguire, an Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner, in addition to Palestinian officials, including the appointed PM Salam Fayyad.

The conference will be concluded on Friday with a nonviolent protest against the wall in the village of Bil’in.

Delegates will discuss ways to promote the nonviolent resistance in Palestinian, in addition to formulating support groups all over the world for the villages that conduct nonviolent resistance.