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Demonstration at Bil’in


Every Friday for well over 150 weeks, the people of Bil’in have been holding a demonstration against the theft of their land – caused by the Apartheid Wall.

Each demonstration has a different theme and it’s quite a challenge to think up a new one every week. ‘Fortunately’ the Israeli Army provided this week’s theme – the shooting at Nil’in of the bound and blindfolded Ashraf Abu Rahman, aged 27, while he was being detained after a demonstration there on the 7th of July.

Father of girl who filmed Ni’lin shooting and Canadian activist arrested in Ni’lin


On the 23rd July, the father of the girl who filmed the Israeli shooting of a detainee in Ni’lin and a Canadian activist were arrested during a non-violent demonstration again in Ni’lin against the construction of the apartheid wall.

Supreme Court to hold a hearing concerning new barrier in Bil'in


As I reported a few days ago, attorney Michael Sfard, who represents the residents of Bil’in, asked the Court to conclude that the new route of the separation barrier constitutes a contempt of the Court ruling from September 2007. It should be emphasized that this request is exceptional, since the residents of Bil’in did not use yet their right to object to the new route and later on to file a Court petition against it.

On July 9th, the President of the Supreme Court, Dorit Beinish, ordered to hold a Court hearing concerning Sfard’s request as soon as possible. The hearing (HCJ 8414/05) is scheduled for July 27th, 2008, at 9:00 am, at Hall C of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, in front of Judges Beinish, Rivlin and Prokachya. Our presence there is important.

UPDATE: Bil’in Court hearing postponed - The hearing concerning the barrier in Bil’in (HCJ 8414/05), due to take place on July 27, was postponed. It will take place on August 3rd, at 9:00 am, at hall C of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, in front of judges Beinish, Rivlin and Prokachya.

The new route of the barrier in Bil'in: The State ridicules the Court's ruling


On July 6th 2008, the State submitted to the Supreme Court an announcement concerning the route of the barrier in Bil’in. The announcement included a copy of the new appropriation order (number 14/08) for the new route of the barrier in Bil’in. In the announcement the State said that "the respondents are in the opinion that the new order upholds the Court’s ruling".

One injured, dozens suffer tear gas inhalation at Bil'in weekly non-violent protest


At the close of Friday prayers, the people of Bil’in village ,near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, marched in their weekly protest against the apartheid wall and settlements, joined by international and Israeli activists.

The demonstrators carried banners against the occupation, arrests, killings, closures and incursions against the Palestinians.