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Demonstration and wedding at Bil’in


On July 14th, at 1pm, as part of the weekly demonstration, the people of Bil’in and international and Israeli supporters will celebrate continued life and love in the face of the occupation and apartheid wall. The Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements will honor Palestinian activists Mansour Mansour and Iman Mansour as they celebrate their wedding at the apartheid wall.

Facing the wall


How two Lansing women stood up to Israeli soldiers by standing down

When the sound grenade detonated at her feet on June 30, Lansing resident Loretta Johnston knew that it was a sign to run. Through the two non-violent peacemaking training sessions she’d taken, the former state employee had prepared for this kind of reaction on the part of the Israeli soldiers.

Basque and Bil’in demonstrators keep the beat


On July 7th, at 13:00 the people of Bil’in, joined by a Basque Nationalist musical group and International and Israeli activists, started their weekly rally to protest the ongoing construction of the illegal Apartheid wall on their lands. One hundred people started the march, which was launched in front of the mosque and ended at the gate in the wall.

Palestinian villagers move into Israeli settlement!


This morning at 11am, three families from the village of Bil’in moved into empty apartments built on land the village owns in the Matityahu East settlement, west of Israel’s apartheid barrier. As of 8am this morning, the Israeli military has declared the whole area a closed military zone until the 8th of July. Amongst the first inhabitants of this new neighborhood of Bil’in are the families of Abdullah Abu-Rahme and Mohammed Katib from the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. The families intend to actually live in the apartments, and more are set to follow. This will make a statement about their rights to the land and act as a direct, non-violent challenge to the apartheid of the Israeli state. Matityahu East was built illegally on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Bil’in. According to Israeli law, anything found on land that you own also belongs to you.

Bil’in protests Israeli re-occupation


Friday 30th June: We walked down the Bil’in road to where the soldiers stood waiting behind two jeeps blocking the gate. The road that runs behind it leads to a settlement built down the other side of the hill. The village has lost many acres of land to these settlements, and to prevent the further theft of land, have built an outpost where international and Israeli supporters of the village take turns staying and keeping watch.