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Erika (FRANCE) , il 11/12/09
Pour les amis de Bil'in,
J'ai appris hier l'arrestation d'Abdallah. J'en suis bien triste, parce qu'à travers cette acte agressif (je ne pense pas que les soldats aient pris des pincettes), c'est aux principes de la non-violence que le gouvernement d'Israël porte atteinte.
Depuis mon passage à Bil'in, depuis que nous avons fait un lâché de ballons multicolores et qu'en échange nous avons récolté des bombes de gaz lacrymogènes, j'ai rencontré le visage de l'inhumanité.
Bil'in, vous êtes dans nos coeurs et nos esprits ! nous sommes avec vous dans votre combat, parce qu'il est juste et digne.
Résistance ! je vous envoies tout mon soutien et toute ma solidarité. j'ai hâte de vous revoir à Bil'in l'année prochaine.
à bientôt les amis !
inukes , il 26/11/09
The State of Israel has the huge arsenal of nearly 10,000 hydrogen bombs. Reveal these hypocrites, bomb them everywere you find them, and don't collaborate with them.The Zionist arsenal must be destroyed.

Gilary (San Diego, United states) , il 20/11/09
Yesterday a very interesting man by the name of Miko Peled came to my school (Southwestern College) and spoke to a group of students about the injustices and crimes being comited to the people from Bil'in as well as other towns like it. I would just like to say that to many university level students in my school this came as a surprise because this had never been taught to us in any way. However after hearing Miko Peled's presentation, many of us have decided to educate the rest of the students as well as adults in our community that have not been aware of these injustices. Your story will be heard here in our campus and we will make sure more people hear it as well. I would like to thank Miko Peled for opening our eyes to these crimes by taking the time to come to our school and giving us such an eye opener presentation.

With Best Regards.
Gilary Martinez
Ida (Ottawa, Canada) (Ottawa, Canada) , il 22/10/09
We'll be thinking of you, Mohammad (Khatib), Emily and all your friends and colleagues on Friday as you continue your peaceful struggle against oppression and dispossession, along with the brave and admirable young Israelis who are refusing to serve in an army of occupation. Last night we had another Ottawa solidarity potluck, this time at Ben's, for a visiting Palestinian academic. It included some of your Toronto friends, in town for an appointment today with MPs on Parliament Hill to protest continuing Israeli impunity and Canada's complicity. Heartfelt best wishes.
Mondoradio Tuttifrutti (Tricase (Lecce) - ITALY) , il 09/09/09
La nostra radio darà ampio spazio alla vostra lotta non violenta. Durante il programma domenicale Saranno Fumosi cercheremo di informare i nostri ascoltatori delle vostre azioni mirate ad ottenere i vostri diritti,
Un caloroso saluto!
Mondoradio e Saranno Fumosi
Martin (Germany) , il 14/08/09
Dear Lamya, dear Mohammed, dear Abdallah,

warm greetings of solidarity from Berlin, and all the best for you and your upcoming demonstration from all of us! Our souls and hearts are with you! Here is a modest but hopefully useful sign of solidarity.

All the best, in friendship and solidarity
Jean J. (Canada) , il 14/08/09
I just want to encourage you in you attempts to find peaceful solutions to the difficulties being caused by the continued occupation of Israelis and their incursions into territories that are supposed to be being shared fairly.

I truly admire your determination to solve problems in a manner that is respectful to all people.

Best wishes
Helena (Canada) , il 14/08/09
Dear Friends ;

This letter is to tell you that I stand with you in the injustices that you are suffering at this time.

May you be given encouragement and may the situation change soon.
Laura (Canada) , il 14/08/09
I write to support your nonviolent struggle for justice for the Palestinian people of your community. May the spirit or Justice and Peace bring an end to the violence at you have been facing and to the detention of your protesters.

In solidarity
Daniel Hostetler (Chicago, IL) , il 14/08/09
Bil'in's story is very sad to me and many many other Americans. We can never know the horror of an occupation like this that is being sold to the world as being necessary for a "security" that is never defined and certainly never justified.
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